Nancy Brown

 is Bridget's mother and her greatest advocate. She is an inclusion specialist and has guided many families and school staff members through the process of including all learners in the least restrictive environment.


Bridget Brown
is a young woman with Down syndrome who captures the attention of everyone with her vitality and confidence. She redefines the term “inclu­sion” by being the first person with Down syndrome to be included in her school district and community.

Our Dream

is to create inclusive classrooms and communities. We help individuals with disabilities have full and productive lives.
Our presentations, trainings, and workshops can help with this journey.

When a child is born with a disability the family embarks on a new and unique journey. It can be a joyous trip that needs careful research and strategic planning. Nancy Brown has successfully navigated that journey. She, and “the love of her life” her daughter Bridget, share their story through presentations and workshops laced with real life scenarios, tear-filled memories, and humor. Participants will learn about Nancy and Bridget’s journey and leave with a toolbox of success strategies that will assist self-advocates, families, educators, and communities on their own journeys to design full and inclusive lives.

Our organization includes education and social service professionals who have experience developing inclusive programs and lives for individuals with disabilities. We are prepared to work with you to develop a personalized plan.

Our services include keynote speeches, workshops, person-centered planning, and advocacy.

advocating for inclusive communities